The Candy Man has a selection of over 750 magazines that appeal to every interest, thereby encouraging profitable, repeat sales. At least 98% of all schools and youth organizations offer magazine sales each year.

There are numerous reasons why magazine sales make for an easy, profitable fundraising experience:

  • best value in fundraising
  • builds a traditional sale in the school
  • most homes read three to five magazines
  • students can contact friends and family personally or online
  • no need for door-to-door selling
  • customers can renew or purchase new subscriptions
  • customers have the convenience of purchasing online
  • no product to deliver to school or customers

Magazine programs are tailored to fit your specific type of school:

  • Traditional Magazine Program
    You probably know that there is a magazine out there for everyone, a fact backed up by these numbers: eight out of 10 households purchase magazines each year. And offering so many different magazine titles means that your target audience will no doubt find something that caters to their interests.
  • Christian School Booklet
    Our Christian School booklet provides listings of magazines suitable for the Christian School Community. Included are a variety of magazines from Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family.
  • Catholic Program
    Our Catholic Program offers a large listing of magazines, including many Catholic-specific magazines for Catholic families, schools, and communities.

The Magazine Portfolio

The Magazine Portfolio program partners with your product or candy sale to create the ultimate in fundraising plans. This program features top-selling magazines priced at $10 and $20 each. Money is collected by the students and a voucher given to the customers to be filled out and sent to the publisher.